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A stock photo of a woman of color, smiling, with a phone in her hand with a fence and trees in the background for a blog post on gallbladder disease.

What Exactly Is Gallbladder Disease?

Gallbladder disease is any condition that worsens the condition of your gallbladder. A little organ in your digestive tract is your gallbladder. It retains some of the bile your liver produces and transports it to your small intestine to aid in the digestion of food...

A photo of a man smiling and looking into the distance, for a blog post about colon surgery

What conditions does colon surgery treat?

Colon surgery is a procedure done to cure or prevent health issues affecting the colon. Colon surgery has been around for many years and is considered one of the most effective, if not the most effective, treatments for most colon health issues. An important consideration...

Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss and Improved Health General Reflux, & Bariatrics Surgeon Miami

Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss and Improved Health

Medical problems are a result of many things, including being overweight. A person is considered obese when their weight is 20% or more above normal weight. Medical concerns triggered by obesity significantly affect the quality of life one lives and the financial implications of it. The financial part becomes a...

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