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Gallbladder Surgery

Minimally Invasive Gallbladder Surgery

Dr. Fiszer performs these procedures using the most advanced surgical technologies.

Did you know that between 10-15% of the adults in the US have gallstones?. Gallstones are the most common gastrointestinal disorder requiring hospitalization and can potentially be a very serious problem if not treated appropriately.

The gallbladder is a small bag shaped as a pear that is located beneath the liver, it has a capacity of about 2oz and its function is to store some of the bile that the liver produces. When you eat your body sends a signal to the gallbladder to empty the bile into the duct that connects the liver with the intestine so that it can help digest the food.

When stones get impacted in the gallbladder or they get outside and block the biliary tree different symptoms can occur. Those symptoms can include: pain on the right side that may radiate to the back, nausea, vomiting, fever, dark urine, clay colored stool or jaundice.

Often times eating, especially fatty foods, can trigger these symptoms.

When the gallstone blockage is more severe it can cause swelling of the gallbladder which is called cholecystitis. When the person experiences sudden onset of symptoms we call it acute cholecystitis, which usually clears in a few days. If the symptoms continue to occur we call it chronic cholecystitis.

Gallstones are not the only the only condition that can cause inflammation of the gallbladder. Critical illnesses, major operations, weak immune systems or an abnormal gallbladder ability to empty the bile can also be responsible for gallbladder disease.

After performing a physical exam, your doctor will order an imaging study. The most commonly ordered is an ultrasound. This can show the presence of gallstones, inflammation of the wall of the gallbladder, the size of the biliary duct and any other gross abnormalities. If the diagnosis is not yet clear additional tests like a CT scan , MRI or a nuclear test to evaluate the function of the gallbladder may be necessary.

The presence of gallstones is not necessarily an indication for surgery, however, if symptoms are present the patient may require treatment ranging from dietary changes, antibiotics, admission to the hospital or an operation.

The removal of the gallbladder is performed most commonly as an outpatient, in a minimally invasive way (laparoscopically) through small incisions with a camera and long instruments. Since no large wounds are made the recovery and return to normal activities, including work, is very fast.

If you have any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed with gallstones you can make an appointment.

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Latest Technology

Dr. Fiszer performs these procedures using the most advanced surgical technologies.

Dr. Luciano Fiszer, MD, Board-Certified General Surgeon is provided expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery in the South Florida area.
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Dr. Fiszer has been in medical practice for over 10 years, providing expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery.

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"I had the gastric sleeve with Dr. Fiszer a few weeks ago and it was the best experience I could have hoped for. He was caring and attentive to all my questions, offered information when there were things I didn't ask that I would need to know and the procedure itself was so so much better to recover from than I could have hoped for. I would (and will) highly recommend him to anyone and everyone that is looking for a surgeon. He also did an endoscopy on me a few months earlier and I had an equally good experience for that procedure. A+++ in my book!"

- Alejandra Martin, Patient

"Dr Fiszer and his staff are wonderful. He is a very knowledgeable, kind, caring, and concerned physician. He answered all of my questions and even answered questions I did not know I had. I was very hesitant about having any type of bariatric surgery. Dr. Fiszer helped me choose which procedure was best for me and when I decide on the gastric sleeve I felt well informed and comfortable with my decision. I would highly recommend him to anyone without reservation."

- Kristin Volz, Patient

"Dr. Fiszer is an amazing doctor. His bedside manner is impeccable and his desire to make you feel safe is one of the main reason I will always seek him out for any future surgery. His medical expertise is next to none. Dr. Fiszer performed emergency surgery on my husband for an abscess last weekend and his treatment, compassion, love for his work and respect for his patients is the highest I’ve ever seen. I loved his treatment, courtesy and overall desire to help. God bless you Doc! You ROCK!!!"

- Yoli Ferreiro, Patient

Trusted Surgeon

Dr. Fiszer performs these procedures using the most advanced surgical technologies.

Dr. Luciano Fiszer, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in bariatric /weight-loss surgery and surgical procedures of the digestive tract. Dr. Fiszer has been in medical practice for over 10 years, providing expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery.

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