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The Road to Recovery: Post-Op Care for Hernia Patients

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The Road to Recovery: Post-Op Care for Hernia Patients

You need treatment for a hernia¬†and want to know what to expect. Beyond reading up on Wikipedia, you can learn from professionals like us who offer such treatment. In general, the treatment for a hernia includes observation and surgery. Yes, we know: Surgery is a scary word. You’ll want to find a surgeon you can trust, and it helps to shop around Miami for a good one, and then you can proceed with greater confidence. You’ll also want to know what to expect from the recovery process.

The Recovery Process

Key to the recovery process is taking the steps you need to recover. For a while after your surgery, your surgeon may tell you to watch your diet and physical activity, and you may be given special instructions for managing your pain.


During your recovery process, constipation is a risk, so you will want to stay hydrated and get enough fiber. Avoid meats and cheeses as you recover and focus instead on consuming fruits and vegetables.

Physical Activity

After your hernia is repaired, you will be asked to reduce your physical activities. You need your rest after surgery, and even when you can return to your office for work, you should refrain from any intense activity.

However, some light activity may play a role in your recovery process. Get the details from your doctor, but expect to perform regular light activity after the first few days of your recovery, especially within the first week or two of your surgery. If this is inadvisable for you, your doctors will work with you on an alternative, such as wearing unique compression clothing.

Pain Management

There are different ways to manage your pain after your procedure. For lighter pain, over-the-counter medications may be accurate. For more intense pain, your doctor may prescribe you opioids.

The Timeline for Recovery

You will often not need to be hospitalized over a hernia, and the likelihood that you’ll need to decrease as new technologies are being studied to enhance the recovery process. It may be possible to have the surgery as an outpatient, but you should speak to your medical care provider. As an outpatient, you can expect recovery to occur along this general timeline: less activity for a while, especially during the first few days after your operation, followed by lingering pain and eventual recovery.

Specifically, the first 24-48 hours will be critical to your recovery. With your procedure having occurred so recently, this is when you will generally feel your worst. Depending on your individual needs, you may be asked to perform special breathing exercises or refrain from showering during your wound care. Because of the anesthesia used during surgery, you should not expect to drive during this time frame. During the next week or two, you should be able to return to work as long as your job doesn’t depend on your ability to perform intense activity. Within the next six weeks, some surgical methods and fast personal recovery times will see you recover from your surgery with some lingering pain.

Within three to six months, the pain should fade for most surgeries. By the end of the six months following your procedure, you can expect to finish your recovery from even the most complex surgeries. For a more specific timeline, you should ask your doctor for an estimate, but it will generally depend on how complicated a procedure you need for your hernia. Even with a timeline, observation is critical to knowing how you are doing in your recovery. You will want to work with your doctor to see when you can resume different levels of activity again. If you are an outpatient, the observations needed will look like this: Schedule and attend follow-up appointments so your doctor can check in on you, and if you notice any complications, call your doctor. If you need a hernia repair, Dr. Luciano Fiszer at Elite Surgical Miami is that: the elite. Get in touch to discuss surgery and discover the care you deserve.

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