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Everything you need to know about Abdominal Hernias General Reflux, & Bariatrics Surgeon Miami

Everything you need to know about Abdominal Hernias

Abdominal wall hernias are a condition in which the abdominal lining (known as the peritoneum) protrudes into a sac outside the abdomen. These sacs commonly referred to as "hernias," can be caused by injury or physical strain on the abdominal wall or by anything that causes repeated pressure on an area of weakened tissue. Hernias usually start small and painless, which is why they're often discovered incidentally when a doctor notices...

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Miami General Reflux, & Bariatrics Surgeon Miami

Weighing in with Bariatric and Hernia Surgery

In general, a hernia is an internal body part, organ or part of an organ that protrudes through an weakening in the abdominal wall. This will often appear as a soft bulge through the skin. This bulge can often be easily pushed back through the opening. The bulge may be more apparent while lifting a heavy object, laughing or coughing. Some hernias are painful, but most are not. There are...


Why would one need a Bariatric surgeon, or even a general surgeon, in Miami?

Why the Need?  Why would one need a Bariatric surgeon, or even a general surgeon, in Miami? Obesity is a serious worldwide epidemic. When not properly dealt with, this major health concern can cause numerous other issues in and of itself, which must be handled properly through a Bariatric surgeon who is a specialist in this particular arena. The very quality of a patient's life, as we know it, is no less...

Our professional services include bariatric surgery by our minimally invasive robotic surgeon. Elite Surgical Miami | General, Reflux, & Bariatrics is here for your general surgery needs. 786.310.2283.

A Surgical Overview Of Fundoplication Surgery For GERD Patients

If you’ve been diagnosed with GERD, you know just how painful and annoying this condition can be. While it’s not life-threatening, you may not want to live with having to take medication each day. Fundoplication surgery can be a great fit for some patients who have been living with GERD symptoms. As with any type of surgery, you must understand what it entails so that you can feel comfortable undergoing...

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